The Academy Is Molas


Is Molas is the best place to learn to play golf in Sardinia.

Dan Williamson, who can boast three generations of golf instructors in his family, has chosen Is Molas Resort to set up his academy, the only one in Sardinia to apply Trackman radar technology to analyse ball flight and club motion during the swing.

Thanks to a video system and V1golf software, The Academy offers customized lessons for all stages of the game and levels of ability by providing an in-depth analysis of the swing with the support of digital slow-motion.

Pupils then have the opportunity to receive via e-mail the video file of both their indoor and outdoor golf experience along the beautiful 27-hole course at Is Molas Resort.


Beginners can book single and group lessons all year round and be followed until the achievement of a Handicap.

Special group and individual lessons are organized for kids of all ages and ability levels.

For the more experienced, The Academy offers customized lessons to improve technique focusing in particular on course management with playing lessons.

Those who do not permanently reside in Sardinia and wish to book golf clinics or lessons can easily and conveniently take advantage of the facilities of The Academy while enjoying a pleasant stay at Is Molas Hotel.

The Academy for corporate

To companies interested in team building experiences for their employees, The Academy offers activities that encourage company development projects, motivating and emotionally involving participants, developing their full potential and bringing out their hidden capabilities.

Events take place surrounded by Sardinia’s luxuriant nature, blue skies and sea, through the organization of outdoor activities, offering companies new development ideas.

Our corporate golf proposals will help employees to increase their performance in a fun way.

Team building and incentive activities can consist of golf lessons and company tournaments, accompanied by the excellent services provided by our kitchen and bar.