Tradition and style were important parts of my upbringing with a British professional golfer, traits which I take pride in and which I make sure live side by side with technology and innovation.

There is no Trackman that can substitute a lesson on how to be elegant on and off the course.

 I believe I am unique in how I combine tradition and technology. In part this comes from my upbringing and experience and in part it is an inherent ability I have to understand a person, how they learn and then to personalize my approach to that unique person.

Dan Williamson, who can boast three generations of golf instructors in his family, has chosen Is Molas to set up his academy.
The only one in Sardinia where it is possible to use Trackman technology for the swing analysis.
Thanks to a video shooting system and the Trackman, it is possible to offer personalized lessons for each level of the game by providing an in-depth analysis of your swing with the support of digital slow-motion.